Lee Ehrlich is an Adventurer/Explorer who is most notably recognized as the World Authority on Underwater Paranormal Phenomena.

Lee is a Paranormal Investigator with over three decades of experience who heads a nationwide investigative team specializing in hostile and dangerous environments.

His investigative exploits have earned him critical acclaim, which has resulted in numerous radio and television appearances, including a starring role in The Travel Channel’s Legends Of. On the conference tour, he is a well-known lecturer who brings a unique perspective to the paranormal realm.

Lee is also the author of Master Of The Abyss: A Journey Into The Unknown described as:

"From a man who has seen it all in his travels comes a haunting collection of paranormal and supernatural experiences. Discover The Thumping Man, a Grimoire of dark magick, encounters with strange creatures both on land and underwater, and the reaper who is always lurking. Lee Ehrlich’s journey from childhood to the present has been the adventure of a lifetime, shaping his destiny as Master Of The Abyss."





 Video Series on Underwater Paranormal Investigations