Pat Bussard O'Keefe is a photographer, writer, Spirit-led psychic medium, and paranormal investigator. These artistic and psychic-oriented pursuits give her a unique and personal perspective on the paranormal, which is often reflected through the subjects of her photography and writing.

She travels regularly into the dark landscape of the supernatural to record and preserve stories of the otherworld through photographs and words ( As a former journalist, as well as an author, her published works have woven words between the covers and across the pages of publications as diverse as Ghost Voices Magazine, Phenomena, and The Literary Hatchet. Her photography has appeared in and on the covers of a number of dark non-fiction, fiction and literary magazines such as The Pedestal, Haunted: After Dark Magazine, Haunted Magazine, and Haunted Times Magazine, among others. Her most recently published book is, The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium, in which 110 photos of her work are featured.  

Her chapbook of poetry and photographs, Boneyard Voice: Poems and Photographs from the Edge of Darkness, is set for publication in 2017. The chapbook is an homage to the great, dark romanticists and the earlier, "graveyard poets."  What makes her work unique is that while others worry about where light falls within a photograph or a verse of poetry, she focuses on the placement of nuanced shadows within the image or text.

Pat, a heredity psychic and medium, is the founder of Hearts in Spirit, which focuses on developing Spiritual-focused conferences and events. She is also the de facto leader of a team of incredibly talent psychics known informally as the Gypsy Caravan. She and her colleagues can be found reading for those seeking enlightenment at many paranormal-themed events and conferences.