Chris started in the medical field 20 years ago as an EMT. Since that time he has furthered his knowledge and education in the field to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse and then as a Paramedic in which he currently is working as. He was also in the fire service for 10 year where he worked as a firefighter/medic and was even a fire instructor. He is also a USMC Veteran.

Chris’s interest in the paranormal started early in his life when he had his first experience at the age of 14. He never really thought much of it until his adult years when he started to become curious about the paranormal. When he realized that there are groups that actually investigate and research the Paranormal, he jumped in head first. Chris researched and talked with multiple paranormal groups and joined many investigations to learn diverse research methods and further his knowledge. Chris is now the Director of Tri-City Paranormal, his own independent company.

Chris provides scientific investigations. He then started to think about integrating medical equipment and looking more heavily into the medical aspect as well as psychological in these investigations.

Chris is available for lectures and speaking engagements regarding the medical aspects of paranormal activity. He has solved many paranormal investigations by utilizing his knowledge of medicine. He has not only lectured at paranormal conferences about this issue but to the general public. He has been invited by local hospitals to present the medical aspects of the paranormal to the medical professionals such as EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, and administration. Chris provides great information on this topic, use cited resources and studies, and likes to make things fun!