Gallery Reading

Angel Leigh will be doing a gallery reading, Saturday, June 10th 2017, at 2 pm. Sorry, Angel Leigh will not be doing individual readings. Get your tickets soon since they sell out fast! We have a limited quantity (only 150 tickets) so when they sell out, they are gone!

If you don't get a chance to see Angel in the gallery reading, please visit her booth where she will have things for sale and will be signing autographs. Angel will also be our special guest investigator during our Celebrity Paranormal Investigation Friday, June 9th and Saturday, June 10th.  Don't wait, get your tickets today!

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Who is Angel Leigh?

Angel Leigh, Spiritual Messenger, has been seeing those who have passed on since the age of 3. Keeping it a secret from everyone except her close family, she felt God was leading her to go public with her Gift.  Since going public with her gift, she has been featured in the A&E TV series "Cursed: The Bell Witch" and has a book written about her God-given gift, "Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh" written by Dr. Sue Clifton & Co-authored by Sara Dulaney Pugh (AKA), Angel Leigh. There have been many articles written about Angel Leigh and has been featured in USA Today, The Tennessean, The Greene County Herald, The Sun Herald and has also been on the WLOX NEWS and other radio channels as well.  She is known for her detailed and accurate connections with those who have passed on. Angel Leigh is also known for her (Blue Bubbles) that follow her and you can watch actual footage on her Facebook Fan page of her pushing the (Invisible to you) Bubbles with her fingertips to a flashlight and making the flashlight turn on.  She has been known to have 69+ individual souls to come through at one of her events. She is sure to tell you that she will never force a connection but if it is meant to be, the connection will happen.

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Here are a few videos we thought you would be interested in.

This is at one of Angel's events. The paper that Angel scribbles on
goes to the people who she makes the connections with at the end of the event.


Souls respond back and can be heard as EVPs in some of Angel's YouTube
videos like this one.You can hear the lady humming after she mentions
hearing humming. Listen closely with earphones.

Connection about a sweet baby.


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